Endless connections, one passion!

Welcome500 is a multi-mode digital amateur radio network which can be accessed via a variety of modes.

Welcome500 has a permanent connection to the FreeSTAR network which provides more activity across our network. 

You can connect to Welcome500 in several ways. The primary route is via the AllStar system on node 572061.

The Welcome500 network is a friendly, active community where all hams can come together to learn from each other, chat and have fun, irrespective of nationality or license class.

Everyone is welcome!

Don't miss the Saturday Trivia Net with Dennis (KE8SEW) - check the Net schedule for more information!

Please remember to: leave gaps of 5 seconds between overs and limit your transmissions to 180 secs.

Through our connection with the FreeSTAR network, we're able to provide more QSO traffic as well as a regular net schedule.

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Ways to connect

The primary way to connect to Welcome500 is via our Allstar node: 572061

* Please disconnect from any other hubs/networks before connecting to avoid causing loopback issues.

Another great way to connect is via Echolink node: 167295 / 2E0PIZ-L
or 179890 / KE8SEW-L

You can connect via DMR through talkgroup 500 on the TGIF network

Select DMR Master: TGIF_Network on your Hotspot

Connect via Peanut on room "FRE325" 

Connect via our RF link on Hamshack Hotline ext: 94092

*99 to key up / # to un-key

Connect via our RF link on Hams over IP ext: 15053

*99 to key up / # to un-key

We also have an RF link on the Amateurwire network ext: 90025

*99 to key up / # to un-key

Support Welcome500

At Welcome500, we are driven by volunteers who passionately maintain and enhance this network. Your generous donations not only ensure that our lights stay on but also fuel our ongoing efforts to make the network even better. If you've found value in Welcome500, please consider supporting us through the link below. Your contribution helps us keep the digital radio community thriving.